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So, I read...a lot. After a few weeks, I decided it was time to build my own Overclocked machine. I read some more, and decided upon the system which is in my signature. After a few initial driver frustrations (namely EVGA's nTune), I updated the bios and got a steady overclock to 3.15Ghz on stock voltage from the C2D, and got the RAM running at 4 4 4 12 on 2.1v. Everything seems stable enough, and as far as I can tell the temperatures are fine with the CPU coming in at roughly 28 degrees idle. I ran Prime95 for 20 hours with no problems. Yet, I don't think that I'm getting as much out of this system as I should be. It seems to me that I should be screaming on games such as Supreme Commander (it came with the Mobo), yet I'm still fairly laggy.
At this point, I'm out of ideas, and I turn to the forum readers of Tom's Hardware. Any help or suggestions appreciated.
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  1. Eh, I'll just post what I'm working with right here.

    C2D E6600, Patriot DDR2 800, EVGA 122-CK-NF68-T1 680i SLI, OCZ 700W, Thermaltake Big Typhoon, Foxconn GeForce 8800GTS 640MB OC, WindowsXP 64bit.
  2. What games other than SupCom are laggy? Just curious and on what size display at what resolution? Supreme Commander will make any current PC that didnt't cost $3000+ cry when you have a big battle going on. I have some of my settings turned to medium on a 22" Widescreen at 1680X1050 or whatever the native resolution is. I have ATI Traytools show me the FPS in teh corner and depending on what view you are seeing with how many units i get anywhere from 20-60FPS. If you zoom in and space bar it to see a rotaing camera it can get down to 10-15 sometimes. These newer games are just rediculous as far as systems go. don't be affraid to turn some visuals down a little. SupCom is also VERY VERY CPU and memory intensive. But I think you have that covered pretty much. I have the e6400 running at 3.2 and it seems ok untill you have about 200 units blowing the sh*t out of one another, then you get some lag. if you can get a utility that shows in game FPS it might be worth to watch and she what you are running at.

    Your system is probably fine, the games are just making it bow down to it's owner.
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