Need help with upgrading?

Hey there is a first time for everyone!

I'm looking into upgrading my system:
OS Win XP32 SP2
MoBo - MSI K8N Neo4-F
Socket - 939
CPU - AMD 64 3500
GPU - Nvidia MSI6800GT
RAM - 2 gigs DDR1 3200?
PSU - ????? 300W

There's no running problems with my current rig, I'd just like to be able to run my games(CoH, M2TW, MarvelUA) on higher settings and get ready for Vista and DX10. Don't want SLI, OC if available.

Upgrade at least:
AMD X2 ????
Nvidia ???8800 GTS 320 MB
And I know I'll need a new PSU

Could anybody give me any advise of what is compatible with my board and how much power will be needed? What is the best price and brands?
I prefer shopping newegg but any help would be good help!
Thanks Guys
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  1. If you just need Gaming, almost all the AMD X2 will work for you. Depends on your budget. Sanji has a guide with a AMD rig with a 8800GTS for $750. That would be a great start. I would buy the eVGA 8800 320 as they have the best warrenty and trade up policy. You will need a good PSU but the name means as much as the wattage. Are you goingto swap parts or get almost all new stuff and save the old computer for other tasks?
  2. Hoping for all new parts for this present and only PC, but I also listen to music, watch DVDs, and do a little movie making on it.

    How many Watts on a PSU should I be looking for?
  3. This one is very good, it is rated at 550W but the +12v rails are combined 54A 8O Antec sells some good ones and some duds, you get what you pay for.
    Antec True Power Trio TP3-550 ATX12V 550W Power Supply
  4. How much cash$$ you wish to spend?
  5. Money is no problem, I just don't want to fork out $$$$ for a whole new setup.

    Now as far as the CPU and heat, I've never swapped out a CPU before will I need a new fan? My current amd 64 3500 is pretty constant at 98'f, is that good?

    I havn't done my research on PSUs, so what spex should I look 4 and not look 4?
  6. For the best info on PSU, go to the master
    PSU Reference List
    and this one
    PSU 101
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