Windows problem at start-up. How to do a repair!

Altough I don’t know, I hope somebody here can help me.

First, here’s my problem. Starting 5-6 months ago, every 2-3 booting or so, Windows XP freeze after I put in my password to get to my account. I usually (90% of the time) see my Kerio Firewall icon and the one saying I can safely remove my USB HDD and then the mouse freeze and nothing happen. Even Ctrl-Alt-Delete won’t work, leaving me no choices but a hard reboot. Also, sometime mouse is lagging and when I check I see Steam (legal copy… in case you wanna ask) is at 98% cpu usage. If I stop the process another one will get to 80+% and so on until I reboot.

It got much worse in the last 2 weeks. First, lock-up are more frequent :x . Also, sometime my internet connection isn’t activated or I can’t burn anything using Nero7 Ultra Edition. Again only a reboot will fix this :x .

I made antivirus check with up-to-date AVG and I also used AdAware and Spybot but I found nothing.

Here’s my question : HOW CAN I DO A REPAIR OF WXP? I know it can be done and that I’ll have to reinstall all updates and even some applications. But that’ll be nothing compare to a full reinstall, especially considering I’m getting a new computer in about 3 months. I think TuneXP give a choice to fix WXP on restart but I’m not sure how it works neither.

In case you need it, here’s my configuration :

- P4 Northwood at 3,0GHZ-800 fsb (cpu at 40C idle and 49-50C at 100% load- Thermaltake fan, mobo at 36-40 summer days)
- 2*512MB dual-channel DDR333 (2-2-2-5)
- P4S800D mobo (Bios rev. 1005)
- 4 internal HDD (1-40GB with Windows, Office plus AV and the like, 1-80GB (62GB for video editing and 12 for my pictures), 1-120GB holding my games and a few applications, 1-160GB (122GB for video editing, 15GB for games patch and video teaser and finally 15 GB for various download, mostly patch. ALL on NTFS)
- 1 external USB2.0 20 GB Sony walkman HDD holding my MP3 collections (Fat32)
- Radeon 9800Pro
- 460 Watts Enermax PSU
- 1 DVD-Rom and 1 DVD-/+RW both from LG
- Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 and all update, legal copy.

Any help will be much apprciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Put in your Windows CD, and choose Repair. :)
  2. I know this, but it usually ask me to put in my administrator name and password and I always manage to mix it up. I don't know if this is 1) Nornal, 2) a question on capital letter.

    :oops: :?
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