How do I take off Vertical Sync?

I was wondering how can I take off Vertical Sync on my 8800 Gtx?
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  1. Um... in the game under display/graphic options, go down to vertical sync and select "off"...

    And if its not in the game, use the nvidia control panel to force it off.

    EDIT: It should be off by default shouldnt it? I havent used an nvidia card for a while so I dont remember the default driver settings. What game specifically do you want it off in?
  2. Right Click on the desktop-->3D settings-->manage 3D settings-->Global settings tab-->scroll down-->Vertical Sync-->set to "Force Off"
    It should be off by default shouldn't it?

    no my friend, it's set to "Use the 3D application setting" by default.
  3. Like i said, havent used nvidia for years. :) Well if that is default, then whatever he sets ingame should take effect.

    EDIT: Nice rig btw, just need an X2 to complete it. :wink:
  4. Thanks my friend :D 8)
    yeah, an AMDX2 would be nice but i don't have any money left to upgrade my CPU :( from now, i`m saving money to get an Opteron 165/170.
    4000+ San Diego can do what i want from it for now & i can even push it to 2.8GHz with more V-Core if necessary, but i don't want to hurt it. 8)
  5. Those Optys are nice, getting harder to find s939 cpus for a decent price now tho.
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