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Alright fellow 98 users, i have a general harddrive question. My system (circa 1998, pretty damn dated) has a 4 gig hdd. i wants me some more gigs under my belt. so, i was wondering what size hdd i could get? i assume that, because my compy is really old, i need a pata drive. are there any size limits that 98 has? anything that would prevent me from throwing in any old harddrive?

all comments and questions are welcome. i'm just a noob, not wanting to make any avoidable mistakes.

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  1. Win 98 is limited to either 127GB or 137GB... I can't remember which. However, your hardware may be even more limited than Win98... see if the motherboard is capable of supporting larger hard drives; you may have to update it's BIOS. If you're lucky enough, you'll be able to stick a 120GB drive in without any extra configuration. More than likely though, you'll be using a drive overlay of some sort...

    But to answer your question simply... the max size you can put in there is 120GB.
  2. thank you very much for your help. i really appreciate it.
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