next nvidia 8900?

uh i just purchased the 8800gtx at 550 and now i hear that right when the r600 comes out it'll be near the time when the next 8 series to come out at 550 and the 8800gtx will be at 450? lol......

i hope its before 90 days so i can do the evga step up program.

do you guys think it'll come out before the end of june??

man its amazing how freakin fast moore's law is in fact.

just a while ago i was thinking of waiting for the price to drop for the 7800, then some shit happened and pop goes the 8800.... lol
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  1. well....ATI have said that their cards will be out in may ( can never be too sure)

    so im guessing nvidia will also try to release the 8900 fairly soon after it, though i have no idea if its even ready yet.
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