Wirless Gaming Router ???(64-bit support)???

I am in a process of building a New PC that will most likley have a 64 bit cpu....(intel- Core2Duo extrem/quad)
I have been searching for routers...but unable to fine info...on if they support 64 bit....I have looked at Linksys & D-link, ect...but NO 64 bit information...I read somewhere that Linksys did not have 64 bit support..
Can anyone enlighten me on a really good wirless gaming router that will have a 64 bit support....
Please provide a link to product...
Thank You :)
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  1. There are no drivers for routers. For a wireless gaming router I'd recomend the D-Link 4300.
    You will need drivers for the wireless adapter( just an example), but that is based on OS (XP, XP64, Vista, Vist64) and not CPU.
    And a 64 bit CPU doen't mean you need a 64 bit OS. And unless you are an enthusiast, I'd recomend XP at this time.
  2. Thankz for the info, Rook.....I was a little cunfused about the whole 64 support thing
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