How to make windows save same file into two different folders?

Basically what i want to do it to select one, two or more folders in my primary computer and replicate them in another computer, for example:

Everytime i save any file, lets say 001.jpg into c:\photos\, it would also be saved into \\\photos as well!
Can this be done with windows alone, some batch file, or will i need a third party software?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You can't do this automatically, you need to run a script or a program.

    You'd have to run the script each time you save the file though and pass it the file name as a variable. Even a simple DOS batch file will do it.

    Copy %1 C:\blah\blah
    Copy %1 D:\blah\blah

    Run the file with the batch file name followed by the file name, move.bat somefile.jpg, it will replace the %1 with the file name passed to it.

    There are programs that synch folders also if you don't want to run the batch file each time.

    SyncToy is one
  2. Thank you very much, that is all i needed :)
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