how to configure networking during winXP install?

When installing XP, there is a screen where you answer the question "How will this computer connect to the Internet? (answers are telephone modem, DSL or cable modem, or LAN)

What effect does your answer have in the OS installation?
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  1. if u have direct connection on ur router u must click DSL
    if u have a lan(local area network) u must click to LAN
    for dial up telephone modem
  2. What setting does that configure, and what if I change later, what is the setting that I change? thanks.
  3. if u choice ur lan settings windows will try connect to internet its not important for win. installition u can configure them later in the windows network connections
  4. Are you saying that there is no effective difference in the end result (in the network connection settings) whether you choose cable/dsl modem, or if you choose LAN?

    I know it may not be important and is re-configurable later but I'm trying to find out exactly what effect the choice has in the installantion? There has to be some reason or the choice wouldn't be there. Thanks.
  5. my friend i tought u when u choice the dsl u will have a direct connection on the internet and u will see a ethernet connection in ur network panel. Windows will make automatic configure ur ethernet settings.

    if u taken ur connection on a network area u will be same thins.and i dont know anybody use to still dialup connection?

    and i think if u have a direct dsl connection on your router or switch choice the "dsl" ok?
  6. Thanks for your response, but I'm still quite confused.

    Lets forget about the dialup option for now, and only consider the options for LAN, and DSL/Cable.

    You said if I have a direct internet connection on my router, to click "DSL", not "LAN".

    However, if my computer is connected to a router, than I am on a "LAN", correct?

    I need to understand why I would choose LAN instead of DSL/Cable, and what the resulting difference is between the two choices.

  7. Examples;

    and u choice the lan connection windows will try to search lan connection and it will finde the others ok?
  8. Ok so are you saying the following?
    1) that a "direct connection" to the internet does NOT involve a SOHO (consumer grade) router since they typically include a switch to enable more than one client computer?
    2) that a "direct connection" does NOT utilize a cable/dsl modem?

    And why would windows need to search the LAN connection to find the other clients?
  9. 1. yes

    2.Router and dsl/modem they are same things

    for file sharing,print sharing,offline files,shadow copies or maybe u have a office and u have more clients windows help u for this
  10. Still confused but back to my original question.

    My original question which I have restated several times, is "what setting does windows configure based on my choice", not "what setting should I select".

    All I want is the name of the specific settings that are affected, in other words, does my choice make a differenced in whether the firewall or DHCP is enabled or something else?

  11. hmm.
    firstly if u have sp2 firewall already will be open. and wiindows will make install the ethernet card driver and a ready connection. and then when u first open windows u will see internet connected on ur etherned card

    my friend actually its not important if u want to ask anther things
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