NOD 32 in all my desktop icons

I'm trying NOD 32 as my anti virus software on a new build. Is it supposed to show up in all my desktop icons when I click on them?

Has it inserted itself into all my programs?

I have a feeling it is interferring with a couple of stock trading programs, WizeTrade, 4X and Wizefinder that I use. Is this possible?

Any suggestions about what to do about it?

Also the tech support at these programs said that MS IE beta 7 doesn't work well so far with these programs. Anybody here know anything about that? How do I roll back to IE 6?

Pardon the noob questions. Thanks.
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  1. Hi, I've been using NOD 32 for the past 7 months on 3 pc's (2 Win XP and one Server 2003) with no problems at all. If you mean when right-clicking on a icon and you see it on the menu that pops up, that is normal....
    Uninstall IE 7 under Add/Remove programs... that's how I got rid of mine.
    And I have never used the stock trading software you mention, so cannot comment on that, but anything is possible....
  2. "Uninstall IE 7 under Add/Remove programs... that's how I got rid of mine. "

    Any particular reason you ditched IE 7? Are you back to IE 6 or did you go to Firefox?
  3. I had to remove it from my pc at work as it did not comply to IT standards at the firm where I'm outsourced to, went back to IE 6, but still use IE 7 at home. Never had any problems with it...
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