Need Info on an Intel PWLA8391GT NIC Card

I'm looking to upgrade to VISTA and the Vista Upgrade Advisor software said my old 3com card won't work without a new driver and I'm sure this card is so old that 3com will not write a driver for it. What I would like to know is if anyone can tell me if an INTEL PWLA8391GT NIC card will work with VISTA? It is the latest GBit NIC on Intel's web site but it doesn't mention anything about VISTA. Secondly, if it will work with VISTA can anyone give me any pro or con advice regarding this card? I'm looking for something from a name brand company that is going to be supported as opposed to some no name brand. Lastly, if there is a better pick of NIC's to use in this situation I would like your input and reason why you believe this other card would be a better buy.
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  1. I'm upgrading my own post.

    I got advice on another forum to check out the updated driver list (duh!) and it showed that there are 32 and 64 bit drivers for this particular card so it looks like I'm good to go from that angle. but here is a new but related question....

    My internet connection consists of a 3 MB Verizon DSL connection running though a WESTEL modem (pass thru) to a Linksys BEFSR41 wired router. is there any advantage of me going with a GBit card or is this just overkill? My existing 3com card, I believe, has some throughput issues and I since I'm going to have to upgrade my NIC anyway I wanted to get something that was going to give me the fastest thoughput available but if the connection and other equipment I have is limiting to the point where the GBit card is overkill then maybe a 10/100 card would be just as effective. Not that this is a big consideration as the NIC in reference is only $30.00. If it is overkill are there other Intel cards that may be cheaper but just as effective?
  2. I'd stick with 1G. As you noted, the cost difference is minor. I think that .11n routers will migrate to 1G to the LAN so having the extra bandwidth is a good idea.
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