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Hi my budget is 700.00 for a new laptop for college. I would prefer a good name brand laptop with windows 7 on it.
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  1. Features I would look for in a laptop:
    1. 17+" LED Screen
    2. Included numeric pad (Ten key)
    3. 2nd Gen Intel Processor
    4. At least 4GB RAM
    5. Good sized hard drive
    6. Graphics with no less than 1GB Memory
    7. Illuminated Keypad (if possible)
    8. Shock Resistant Casing (if possible)
    9. Windows 7 installed

    HP G72-250US 17.3-Inch Laptop

    Best Value Laptops (For The Money) - 2011

    Laptop Configurator (Configure your own preferences)

    HP ProBook 4520s (Just an example based on my answers to the Laptop Configurator including most of the 9 features I suggested above)

    This would be my preferred selection (If I needed a new laptop)
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