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After sitting in the BIOS for 30 minutes my new E6600 says 53C and after 30 minutes of Prime95 Torture it is 65C. This seems awful high...
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  1. Double check if you're HSF is correctly seated on.
  2. Already did. It is OCed at 3.4GHz with 1.47v. Those temps still seem high though...
  3. Quote:
    Already did. It is OCed at 3.4GHz with 1.47v. Those temps still seem high though...

    Try lower the Vcore a bit see if that helps, but no sure if that would help. What if you lower the OC to 3.2 GHZ does it still have high temps?
  4. i will try.
  5. Yeah, Vcore is high. Past 1.45v they get really hot fast. Sounds about right for temps in a slightly warm room at that Vcore. Try lowering your Vcore if you can and still keep your OC stable, or try to get that water cooler.
  6. i will try 3.3@1.45
  7. seems stable I will post temps in a few minutes. Seems like 46C is my idle.
  8. have you tried using stock voltage at 3.3 GHZ?
  9. You can try to keep your 3.4Ghz, but try lowering the Vcore one notch at a time, then run folding@home or orthos for a long time to test your stability. When you hit the point you are not stable, up the Vcore one notch (might take days).
  10. Eh, I can deal with a 100Mhz less OC.
  11. E660

    Prime95 Torture Test: 62C

    Does that seem right? Even though I am only seeing 50% CPU Usage?
  12. Use Orthos or Folding@Home to get sustained 100% CPU usage.

    That temp is a bit better, see if you can get the Vcore lower, below 1.45v preferably. Ideally around 1.4v.

    Keep your CPU & RAM at 1:1 ratio
  13. Should I choose "linked" two link the RAM/CPU clocks?
  14. Depends on your BIOS settings, and your hardware. Personally I have to set mine to unlinked, and set the FSB and memory frequency seperatly. If I choose linked it wants to run my memory at 1600Mhz 8O . So my FSB is set to 1600Mhz, my memory is 800Mhz. That is 1:1, but the math is weird.
  15. How do you figure out if it is 1:1?
  16. Ok, your RAM should be running at 800Mhz (DDR2 = 400Mhz x 2) and min spec voltage. Your CPU should be running at 400Mhz FSB (400Mhz FSB x 9 multiplier = 3600Mhz). I can't tell you for sure what voltage you should be using to achieve this OC, you can search around the net to see what other people with your setup have done (no problem with your setup). I can't find out if the E6600 uses the same stock Vcore as the E6400, if so I achieved a 50% overclock with Vcore of 1.4v.

    EDIT: You can check if you are 1:1 using cpuz on the memory tab.
  17. I should also mention not all E6600's are capable of 3.6Ghz. They are flaky overclockers, one chip can do it, the next can't.

    If you can't hit 3.6Ghz, you are better off to underclock your RAM to match your CPU 1:1 ratio. If you have to underclock it, you might be able to improve the latency.
  18. Hi Cmdpt

    How do you use 1.325 Vcore?

    Mine is at 1.392 at CPUZ and I can try lowering 1 step to 1.382 but not 1.325 [which is at stock vcore].
  19. Not sure why but mine has 1.325 Vcore which you can select (default vcore). I would guess depends and motherboards are different after all.
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