fastest socket 939 Processor

What would be the fastest socket 939 processor I could buy?
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  1. Opteron 185, Denmark core.
  2. That would be an Opteron 185 or the FX-60 if you can find one. FX-60s show up in stock on the etailers occasionally for inflated prices. The Opty is in stock at Newegg now for $329. I'll spare you the preaching about what you can get from Intel for that price now, since I assume you want to keep your DDR RAM.
  3. Ya that 185 sounds good I don't want to spend the money to replace my mobo and ram right now. I just want something to lessen the massive bottleneck I have right now with my 2 8800GTXs in SLI and my opteron 148.
    Thank You!
  4. Send me your 148!

    EDIT: Wait its the same as my 3700... oh well, Ill take it anyway!
  5. I'll sell it to your for $60 U.S.
  6. I second the Opty.....of course, if your into overclocking at all, you could get a Opty 170 and a nice HS and then OC the sh*t out of it.....and probably get 2.8~3.0 no problems. (My 165 cuts out at 3.0 with a minimal voltage jump.....but my mobo strongly dislikes 334mhz bus I really can't tell you how fast it will go 8) )
  7. i'd say the 3700 is. its got a lower clock speed then the 4000 but has a 1mb cache then a 512kb and is a sweet overclocker. my friend managed to push her to 2.83 on a Big Typhoon.
  8. Quote:
    i'd say the 3700 is.

    I'm going to have to say "VETO!" on this.....
    From what I've heard recently, the new 3700+'s aren't even SanDiego dies....they're actually Toledo dies with one core disabled...which means that they are less likely to overclock well, and even if you could, the Opteron 175 is LITERALLY 2 of these processors put together....resulting in better performance.
  9. but doesn't the dude have a budget? i don't know much about AMDs but i do know that opty's are expensive and over clocking a single or dual core Athalon can be cheaper then buying an opty. IMO
  10. Quote:
    my opteron 148

    Sorry BigCharb....but he's using an Opty 148....which is >= 3700+.

    He also says that he likes the option of the Opty 185...even after he hears that the price is $329.

    @OP....I still think the 170 or the 185 are your best options.
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