Error Upgrading to Windows XP Pro

My teacher recently brought in a Dell Dimension 4500S with Windows XP Home SP1 on it. She wanted me to upgrade it to SP2. She got a disc from one of the administrators and let me loose with it. Well, I inserted the Windows CD, clicked install, chose New Installation. All the while, it was doing fine. When it got to actually installing Windows, there were several files that were left out, such as winlogon.exe and a few .swf files. It finished and now when I turn the computer on and boot up, it gets to a pale green screen and an old Windows 98-style dialog box pops up. "winlogon.exe - Unable To Locate Component. This application has failed to start because SHELL32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Then the system starts to reboot. It's caught in this perpetual rebooting thing and only stops for the dialog box to come up. When you click okay, screen goes black, once again...rebooting.

I've tried to get the PC to boot from the CD-ROM drive with the Windows XP disc, but it seems to do no good. Either I don't know how to boot from the CD-ROM drive properly or something else is going on. (By the way, whether I try to boot from CD-ROM drive or not, it still goes through the constant rebooting loop.) A little help, if possible?
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