New Build, needs help and suggestions!

Hi everyone,

I figured it was time for a new pc, and have shopped around and tried to get the best bang for the buck :P I'm mostly going to be using it for video encoding and internet. Won't do much 3D gaming. I don't really want to OC the system, because my pc is going to be put in a little cubbyhole my desk builtin. The fans are going to be facing the wall, so ventilation won't be too good. Are there any suggestions to my build?

CPU: Intel E6300 ~ $230
MB: Asus P5B ~ $150
Ram: Corsair Value Select 1GB ~ $75
Video: BFG 7600GT ~ $160
HD: WD 500GB 7200RPM SATA ~ $150
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 430W Power Supply ~ $60

These are cdn prices and I'm trying to keep the budget to about $900. Thanks for any comments/suggestiong!
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  1. Do you really need 500gb of HD? I would cut it down and get the other gb of RAM. Also the gigabyte MBs s3 or DS3 are cheaper and solid boards, even when not o/c
  2. If you're not gonna OC, then get a cheap mobo, a better PSU (get a Seasonic), and probably a better vid card.

    Check here, I'm too lazy to copy/paste. Look under your budget range:
  3. Looks pretty good, price drops coming April 22 though.

    You could save money by going with an AMD X2, like a 2GHz X2 3800+ for under $100. The e6300 is a little quicker stock, but a lot more expensive.

    If you do keep the Intel, there are cheaper motherboards that'd be fine for no overclocking, like the MSI P965 Neo-F.

    That link is for gaming PCs. No need for a better graphics card and no need for a better PSU if you won't do much gaming, though FSP Group makes decent PSUs for good prices.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions! I've downgraded the MB and used that money to get a slightly better PSU. Would this system be fast enough for video encoding? I'm currently using an AMD 3200+ and to convert a 45 min rm to mpg takes me approx 35 min. If the 6300 can encode in 20 min, I'm happy! I'm also hoping it'll last me about 2-3 yrs.

    alcattle: hehehe, I don't really NEED 500GB now, but I want 500gb! :D and I figured I could always buy the extra 1GB next month or so, rather then buying 320G now and another 160G tomorrow, which probably means I'll need to ditch the 160G in future upgrades.

    CPU: Intel E6300 ~ $230
    MB: MSI P965 Neo ~ $120
    Ram: Corsair Value Select 1GB ~ $75
    Video: BFG 7600GT ~ $160
    HD: WD 500GB 7200RPM SATA ~ $150
    PSU: FSP400-60THN-R ~ $80
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