Wow always crashes at the loading scene

Just recently my brother's computer has been crashing recently during wow and we can't seem to figure out the problem. he has checked all of his components and they are all working fine.

his system is
P4 640 @3.2Ghz
asus motherboard
400W power supply
X900XL vid card
and about a gig of memory.
could anyone help
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  1. is there a specific time it crashes?

    does it crash every time?

    what does he have running in the background?

    does it crash just the game, or the whole computer?
  2. did he install any new add ons.. if he did then it might be the addons crashing the game.. my suggestion is to turn all the add ons off and see if it will load.. if it does load then you know its an add on... after you know you just turn on the add ons one by one.. and bingo you can figure which one it is :P
  3. Do you have ATI Launchpad running? If so close this application or remove it from your startup via START >> Run >> type: "MSCONFIG" >> go to: Startup >> remove Launchpad.

    If that was the problem congrats, if not GL
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