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My hyperlinks in Internet Explorer 9 do not open

When using Google Search and then clicking on a hyperlink title that I used to be able to open, I am getting an error message "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Web Page". I believe something has changed my internet settings. How can I correct it?

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  1. I found the problem. PeerBlock was blocking access to all but a few websites via the hyperlinks. I uninstalled PeerBlock and the problem is solved.

  2. This is a guide to fix relative problems. Hope it works for you:
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    this typically can occur when you've had peerblock running for a while and then told it to shut off but the driver hangs and it remains running, even thought the tray icon is gone.

    typical ways to fix it:
    1. end the process manually
    2. reboot computer
  4. Thanks, AntiZig. I just reinstalled the most stable zip file version (1.1), for Win7, 64-bit, and will try it again. If the problem reoccurs, I will know what to do besides uninstalling PeerBlock.

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