System Restore turned off?

I wanted to restore my computer, I tried to run System restore and an error message pops up saying something like (Error System restore can not run do to some error) I have used it before and never had a problem. I didn't turn it off. I even went into services to see if there was a problem there.

So do I need to reinstall XP Pro? Or is there a way to repair just System Restore?

Oh the only thing I did was install a new sound card Sound Blaster Audigy 4. My computer seemed to start up very slow afterwards.....
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  1. You can use a restore point with an older date if you wish. You may have to reinstall some software or drivers that were installed after that date.
    As a precaution backup any files that were changed during those dates.
    You do not need to reinstall Windows. System restore is still working fine.
    Eventually you may want to allocate more hard drive space to system restore. That is the cause of your problem most likely.
  2. Hmm I didn't think about the hardrive space...... Now that I think about that, I did put in a new hard drive a few months ago. I have not used System Restore in a long time. That could be the problem... But I did a clean install of XP, SO I'm still kinda lost...
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