How do you boot off of a different hard drive?

A friend of mine's computer has three hard drives. The one designated as her C drive is an 8gb ... thing. She has a 40gb drive along with another 30gb one. In her cmos setup I couldn't get it to boot with a drive besides that which was designated C So... can I just copy and paste all the stuff in her C drive into another drive ... but how would I get windows to boot off of that drive instead??? She has XP home THANKS!
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  1. First, to boot you need to have an OS on the drive so if the only drive with an OS is C you won't be able to boot them. 2nd, you can't copy and past an OS. There are programs like Acronis True Image that will let you copy the C to another drive. So you can either get something like Acronis or reinstall XP on another drive. If you do this, I'd take out all the drvies other than the one you're installing Windows on and then reconnect them after the install. If you install the drive that had Windows on it, I'd format it.
  2. ohhh ok! Thank you very much! I'll make sure to do that!
  3. Hope that solves the problem
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