a question about overclocking X2 CPU ddr vs ddr2

i was looking at the tom's cpu chart and i noticed that FX ratings were extremely nearby.

fx-60 2.6ghz
and fx-74 3ghz

i'm asking. if i manage to overclock an opteron 165 to 3.0ghz, will it perform as much as an fx-74 ?

what is the impact on performance while i'm running DDR400 ram
with timings of 2-2-2-5 at 3:2 ratio ?

then, how would perform this compared to an overclocked 6300 or 4300 from intel ?
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  1. Your Opteron165 @ 3ghz will out perform a fx-60 and it would be pretty close to the fx-74 @ 3ghz. Pretty much the s939 and am2 cpus are very similar in performance when comparing the same clock speeds. For whatever reasons the higher bandwith of the ddr2 doesnt boost performance all that much over ddr. As for your opty165 @ 3ghz verses an e6300 @ 3ghz the e6300 will win every time. Clock for clock the c2d outperform Amd cpus. Its exactly the oposite of a few years ago when its was Pentium4 verses Athlon 64. Being an AMD guy myself im hoping Amd can retake the performance crown when it releases k10. BTW how ru getting your opty to 3.0 thats quite a nice OC. What mobo, memory, cooling, voltage....etc
  2. the dfi lanparty series with ocz dfi special edition...

    needs an active cooler over ram in order to keep it alive over 2 years. hyghly self-destructive ram.

    cpu can handle it with a good old zalman 7700-cu 120mm fan.
    case is well designed and includes efficient washable dust filtrer.
    still, the power supply have to be perfect. i got this hardware a year and a half ago and it still gets some juice i have a 3700+ s939 in it overclocked to 2.888ghz 1:1 with 10.5x275fsb ram running at 550mhz. the bios is not... well... made by dfi. but it works perfectly. however, i can't use sli, dual channel or even serial ports with it.

    if i manage to OC it to 2.8 ghz which looks pretty easy, i'll be happy
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