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I recently started having problems on my HP a818n desktop (was running very slow due to spyware and viruses) so i installed a fresh copy of windows 2000 on it(although it originally had windows xp). Once i finished installing the operating system and some programs i noticed that my volume control wasnt in the taskbar so i install all the drivers for the system. After that it still wasnt there so i went to programs-->accessories-->entertainment-->volume control to try and open it up from there, and once i do, it gives me the message "there are no active media devices available". I know the sound card still works because the drivers are supposedly working properly in device manager and because it worked when the system had windows xp on it. Could my problem be the result of installing windows 2000 on a system designed to have windows xp on it? Either way, any help in fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you formatted you drive before the install, you shouldn't hae a problem, I've done this on a couple of computers with no problems. Mae sure you have the most recent, correct drivers, some companies have a 2000 version and a XP version. Also, if you have both onboard and a sepatate sound card make sure the onboard is diabled in the BIOS. If the card is good, this is very likely a dirver problem
  2. I managed to fix the problem by just installing xp and reformatting the drive, thanks for the info though.
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