How wide is the 8800GTS & X1950XTX?

Is the 8800GTS 320MB wider than the X1950XTX 512MB? Are they the same size? I used to perfectly fit easily an X1900XT, but it was almost near to the capacitor on the motherboard. I don't remember though if the capacitor was higher than the PCIe slot, so this may or may not be a worry for me.

Also, which is the better buy and perform the best in most gaming benchmarks? I live in the Toronto area and the 8800GTS ($470) cost relatively the same to the X1950XTX ($500). For some reason, there is no Radeon X1950XTX in stock anymore!? :o
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  1. For sure the 8800GTS is a better performing card. Also, $470 is a lot for it. If you can order online, Direct Canada ( has the EVGA 8800GTS 320 for around $340 with free shipping and we don't pay PST because we're outside of British Columbia where they're based. I'm ordering one tonight or tomorrow.

    Can't help you with the fitting question, I expect if it fit a 1900XT it'd be fine, but I haven't owned either card so I'm totally guessing on that.
  2. I had a hard time deciding because the X1950XTX's fast GDDR4 memory is sweet, and the 8800GTS I am buying only has a mere 320MB. I am planning to game at a resolution of 1280x1024 32bit and set all of the texture details, shader settings, and anti-aliasing + anisotropic filtering to the max! So will the 512MB GDDR4 memory on the X1950XTX help out a lot in that case, or will the 8800GTS 320MB still perform better with high-playable framerates?

    Now if only someone can tell me if both of these cards have similar lengths, and if they are both wider than the X1900XT...?
  3. The GTS should still be better at 1280x1024. Here's an Anandtech review of it that compares it against several cards including the 1950XTX.

    Only having 320mb of memory doesn't really become a problem until you get above 1600x1200.
  4. The GeForce 8800GTS 320MB got owned by the Radeon X1900XT 256MB in Quake 4, now how's that even possible?
  5. That's weird. I dunno, though I suspect it's the driver's fault. The article was written when the 320 was brand new, perhaps the drivers it used were designed for the 640mb version and had some flaws when using the 320 card. But that's just speculation.
  6. Quake 4 is a strange game on graphics cards IMO.
  7. Agreed. It still runs fast, and that's the only game the Radeon had the edge over the 8800. I'd go with the GeForce, there's really not much point in going with anything else right now.
  8. I'll go with the 8800gts then. So what's the size of it... is it more wider than the X1950XTX/X1900XT?
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