Are Maxtor drives always loud?

I have currently a Maxtor Ultra16 PATA (IDE) 250GB hard drive and it is as loud like a thunderstorm. Why is this so when the box on it clearly states "Whisper-quiet FDB motor" (more of "ultra-loud FDB motor w/chirpy loud operation")? :roll:

Does this happen to all IDE drives or is it just Maxtor's fault? I am planning to get a SATA hard drive in the near future because I had luckily placed a warranty on the Maxtor drive. I would like to select from these 2 major brands: Seagate/Western Digital. Which is most likely going to be more reliable and not loud? Any good recommendations is helpful...
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  1. I had a 200GB Maxtor SATA drive and it was just as quiet(if not quieter) then my 7200.10

    I loved my maxtor, it was very fast, and gave me no problems.
  2. thats funny.... I have always been using my 40gb Maxtor 7200rpm drive for my OS...

    But just recently I installed Vista on a brand new Samsung SATAII drive and I was laying back watching some TV when all of a sudden.... VISTA powers down the 40GB Maxtor drive....

    I always thought the sound my computer made was from 3 HDDs and 2 120MM intake fans... but no... all the sound my compuer produced..was that single maxtor drive lol


    it is now laying in pieces on my floor next to a hammer lol


    In all fairness the third drive I was speaking of was another Maxtor 250GB Ultra ATA (133) and it is probably just as silent as the SATAII.
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