My new video card arrives today! (X1950gt)

I got it on newegg for 109 after rebate, and just sold my old x850xt for 85 dollars so I basically upgraded for like 20 bucks. Very excited to get home from work today! Just have a few questions for any current owners of this card (or similar)

- How much of a difference should I expect going from x850xt to the x1950gt? My PC specs are below
- I currently have a 450W PSU, do I NEED to upgrade it? Or could I get by?
- Anyone had good success overclocking this card? From what I've read, you can pretty much make it a x1950pro if you OC it. Thanks for any input, I just need something to hold me over 'till 5! =)

Specs: x2 3800 dual core, 2gb RAM, 320gb HD, x1950gt
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  1. Well it depends on how many amps your 450W psu puts out on the 12V rails. If you you think your going to OC it to X1950Pro or near levels then you probably want to get something with 30A or more on the 12V rails.

    I am honestly surprised you upgraded though cause i'm sorry to say but i doubt you'll see that great of improvements over your X850XT, that is a solid card.
  2. I went from and x850XT PE and a 3000+ to the x1950Pro and a x2 3600+ and the difference is amazing. When I upgraded the hardware, I also went from a 19" LCD at 1280x1024 to a 20.1" LCD at 1680x1050 and my frames still nearly doubled.

    We'll need more info on your PSU in order to tell you if it will work or not. A quality 450 watt PSU can power an 8800GTX, so the x1950GT will not be a problem if your 12v amperage is sufficient.
  3. Great deal for $20. You'll see big gains at 1600x1200 resolution for sure.
  4. I'm curious as to what overclock can you get on that card, if it's basically just an underclocked X1950Pro then my friend you're in for some fun :wink:

    As for the PSU, take a look at the sticker on it, under +12V there is a number in Amps (like 18A), there's a chance that's there's a second 12V rating and even a third, so give the amperage for each 12V rail. Also the full name of the unit including the brand.

    If it's a quality brand like Antec, Seasonic, Fortron (ugh I grow tired of repeating myself) and has dual 18As or a single 26A rail, then you're ok, lower than that you should change it. (although 18A/16A is borderline but probably ok).
  5. I haven't tried OC'ing an X1950GT yet, but let me know how that turns out. It looks like it would OC pretty well, and ATI makes it a piece of cake. Have fun with that!!!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it! Can't wait to get home @ 5! And yes my power supply is an Antec, I will check the specifics you've talked about though to see where I stand. There will be mass quantities of gaming tonight, no doubt.
  7. my last card was 1950gt and it was a great card, you can now play on higher resolution with HDR enabled, that is a great upgrade for 20 bucks!
  8. Don't you hate that feeling? You're hours away from plugging in to gaming goodness and munching on mounds of eye candy, but you're stuck at work while you're card is sitting in front of your door, or at the UPS store.
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