Linksys WRT54G + WAP54G proper setup please?!

Ok I have this finiky wireless tablet device, the tablet has to get good or better signal from the wrt54g to connect. When the tablet gets into the signal range where my laptop gets low signal it drops.

I have a WRT54g on one end of the house. I cannot get connectivity on the other end with the tablet.

I ran a cat5e cable to the other end and connected it to a WAP54g (Wireless Access Point)

What are the correct configurations for the WAP54g?

Do I get both the router and access point to the same channel, or set them on nonoverlapping channels?

Do I need to make sure the access point ip address is outside the range of the wrt54g dhcp server?

Do I need to clone the mac addess of the router to the access point?
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  1. Non-overlapping channel.


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