least resource/bandwith & latency hogging AV software?

Ok, so I've been using AVG free for a while and I guess it does it's job, but for whatever reason I get horrible internet speeds (it jumps up and down from DSL 384 k/sec upload, to crappy dial-up), and "red" pings in online games like World of Warcraft. I noticed when I disable the auto protect feature that my internet speed and game latency both jump to lightning fast speeds..

Now, I realize that it's not a solution to the problem as I NEED an AV software. What's a good one out there that doesn't jack with resources/internet speed for a relatively low ($40 tops) price?

thanks all.
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  1. Are you certain that it's your AV that's causing it?

    I've been using the free version of Avast and I haven't noticed anything like that.
  2. you know, I'm actually now realizing it probably isn't my AV. I think I'm just doomed with crappy DSL in an old house. I still lag out of games and surfing halts to a stop on occassion. I suppose I'll figure this out thru my ISP.
  3. Damn you DSL!

    I've never heard of an AntiVirus causing connection speeds to slow, but that doesn't mean that it can't or hasn't happened

    I used to have the slowest DSL that Qwest offered and it was pretty crappy for games.
  4. exactly..

    I'm coming from a Cable internet connection to this. I wouldn't mind a less than stellar connection speed, but this is ridiculous how it jumps all over the place.
  5. You don't see the word stellar used much these days.....

    what a shame.

    I used to have DSL too. It's amazing how it's quite a bit faster than dial up yet it will still piss you off. I'd have a hard time without cable. It's freaking expensive though (at least around WA).
  6. Depends on where you are, I suppose. I have barely any issues at all with my DSL... it's fast most of the time and there's rarely any downtime.
  7. Yeah you're right. I think it has something to do with the old telephone wiring in my house.
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