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I've asked a lot of stupid questions in my life, and I'm sure that this will be no exception: Will Windows XP-64 run on an Intel Core 2 Duo system?

I recently put together my first 64 bit computer; here are the parts:
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
Intel E6600
2 x 1024 Corsair XMS C4
Sapphire Radeon X1950

I've loaded Windows XP-32, and it runs like a champ, but when I try to load the 64 bit version, the windows installer craps out after loading the base drivers. I tried everything that made sense as far as BIOS settings go, but to no avail.

I've also tried the Vista 64 bit build for RC1, but it doesn't do much better. Anyway, is there something obvious that I'm missing?
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  1. I'm not the expert here... but...
    I recently tried Win Vista 64 anf discovered a few things.
    First... it won't load over a 32 bit version, so I HAD to load XP 64 first.
    Second... I had to run a full format on the drive I used to install Win XP 64 before I could load it in.

    About Vista RC1..... I suggest that you do plenty of reading up on it. There are some newsgroups at Microsoft just for Vista. You can find plenty of info there that you need BEFORE installing it.
    If you have RAID drives, or intend to, BE SURE to understand how to load the drivers needed DURING installation of Vista... or you will not have Raid drives. Vista does not currently come with Raid support.
    Vista also does not support SLI... although nVidia has beta drivers specifically for Vista (available AT nVidia)

    I personally liked the Vista interface and desktop attributes. But I found that it is a system hog right now. My CPU would find work to do even when I was just sitting and watching the meters. While running most anything, the temp would run up a bit extra..... to about 57c regularly.

    My specs:
    MSI Diamond Plus mobo
    AMD64 4800 X2
    2 GB Corsair XMS
    WD drives
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