Access Denied while Installing Drivers for Monitor

I ran Windows Update and saw that there was a driver available for my LCD monitor. It is a Hyundai Imagequest B70A. I tried to install it and I recevied a message that read,"Access Denied."

I have Windows XP Home Edition and I'd really appreicate any help offered. I tried work around offered on the 'net concerning the registry but it's still a no go. Help! Oh, and thanks in advance!

I can't do a screenshot but the messages reads,"There was a problem installing this hardware: Plug and Play Monitor - An error occurred during the installation of the device - Access is denied.
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  1. My question is, did you notice a problem before? Is there really a need for these drivers that you should wrack your brain about em? :D
  2. Not really no...but it just bothered me...a lot! Anyway, I just couldn't stand getting an "Access Denied" message when I was the only user :( . It was high time I did a format and install of my OS hard drive so problem resolved :)
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