were vista sound problems ever fixed

I'm building a new computer. It's going to have a Creative X-Fi card in it, and I've decided to run Vista. I've never even touched Vista, so the only information I have on it is several months old, mostly from various prerelease magazine reviews.

First question: did they ever fix the sound problems? Basically, am I going to have a $180 sound card that collects dust in the box and can't play music or even hear video games.

Second question: what kind of headaches am I looking at as far as making sure question 1 is negative on both counts.

Finally, as a side note. I am upgrading to Vista regardless of what problems I may have. All Microsoft operating systems start out rather bad and get better with time. XP has a good 5 years left on it, max. I see no point in spending 2 grand on a brand new computer and putting XP in it.
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  1. i had vista on my old system, and i ended up going back to XP when i got a new one, cause i found that many of the programs that i used often werent compatable with vista. nero is a good example, and some smaller open source programs that i need to use for work as well.

    looking at it for me, theres really no point to it yet, there is not vista exclusive software yet, and XP still works great, even if you have a good system.

    as for the sound, i never tried that out that much, but you apparently have to use the 'speaker fill' option in windows, which is basically a sound wrap, but makes the rear speakers and center sound messed up and distorted probably due to horrible mixing by windows.

    ive heard this on a system, and it sounds like when you use the ffdshow sound mixer... its not pretty.
  2. Interesting thought, but I still intend to stick with Vista. I heard most of the same complaints when jumping from Win 95 to 98, 98 to 2000, 2000 to XP, and I'm sure it'll happen until I stop using MS operating systems. I expect incompatability and things to not work. But I also remember towards the end of each OS's life, everyone was complaining there was no need to upgrade. "Stick with the old, it still works fine." I'm pretty sure I've heard that universally since Win 2000. A couple of months later, things get better and better. And towards the end of the life of the OS, people will be crying that there is no need to upgrade. Nothing ever changes in the life cycle of the MS OS.

    All things told, I'd expect Creative to have the problems fixed by September or January at the latest. And I've still got my old laptop running XP if I ever get too mad at it.
  3. For most soundcards:

    No SPDIF surround playback.

    No fixed frequency playback (no output if SPDIF frequency is any other than 48KHz).

    No workarounds for WinMixer, all output (analog, digital) fixed at 48KHz.

    Information that's several months old still holds. Companies (across the board, video, sound, peripherals) are not just bothered to make drivers right now. I'm sure they are waiting to package it with new hardware to boost sales. Essentially it has nothing to do with Vista and everything to do with economics.
  4. I think that sound support in Vista is awful! Vista has lots of potential for sound, great new volume controls for indivdual apps, etc, but they let it down with drivers.

    Vista in my eyes is classed as an update that went wrong. I used it for a month with the usual on-board ac'97 codec, but even that sounded bad half the time. I went back to XP, sounds better, I bought a x-fi gamer card, works brill on XP, not even going to try on Vista x64!

    x64 hardware has been out for years, when will driver people wake up! Come on, I want some decent drivers!
  5. if you are asking if creative has working vista drivers now then yes, i just recently reinstalled my creative x-fi because earlier when i tried to install it the drivers didnt work. But since creative has working drivers out now i guess half your answer is yes. As far as gaming goes creative is working on its open AL support... as far as i know it works great and most newer games work on the open AL code for sound, so you shouldnt be too worried about having wasted your money on an xfi. You might have to download apen AL but you can find it everywhere just do a google search for it.

    I think to run a game in direct3dsound and to run the xfi software (except vista drivers obviously) you have to run in windows xp sp2 compatibility mode.
  6. Mercy...I haven't even changed from Windows 2000 to XP yet and can't see any reason too (the only thing that XP seems to have is a slightly better compatibility with older games). Should imagine that XP shared 99.9% of the codebase of 2000/NT anyway. Just seemed like a massive rip off going 2K to XP if I wasn't getting much more than a telly tubby theme and PIA product activation features.

    The change from XP to Vista is rather more drastic though, what with core being rather more secure etc so you'll just have to wait a while for proper soundcard drivers. Directsound 3D is no more and propbably you'll have trouble with EAX and stuff. There's some more technical info in the forums at Creative Labs.

    At the end of the day you have your laptop so you should be covered, if there is any specific software which 'must' run on the new box straight away then you may do well to check with the vendors sites, just in case. At the end of the day you will be agreeing to M'softs EULA which I assume washes their hands of any trouble people might have.

    Ooh, never know, might even change to XP before the end of the year if I find a cheap enough copy 8O
  7. Hmm..

    I have the XFI extreme music card, and it plays just fine with Vista Premium. It also played fine with RC1.

    Games sound just as good as they did in XP, and so does my music.

    I like vista, maybe because I am not afraid to put in more than 5 minutes to make sure everything is working right or to find a work around for those gotta have off the wall programs, vista isn't a problem for me.

    Unlike some I won't harp on problems, the same problems, forever because it is something new from MS. Hate to say it, but most IT people owe their jobs to MS, whether they like them or not.

    A necessary evil, guaranteed I would be using a different OS if there was one that was close to Windows. Sorry LINUX/UNIX, which I have administered in past jobs, just are not as user friendly, which is not a problem for me at work, but at home, I don't want to be mounting drives to use them I just want to sit and click and be a Zombie.

    Vista isn't bad, and most XP drivers DO WORK with Vista. Well let me clarify this, I used XP 64bit and I have 64bit Vista and the drivers from XP worked for Vista.

    I'll upgrade the drivers when the 3rd party people update the components drivers that I have. If they don't update I am still happy, everything works that I use on a daily basis.

    I have no regrets going to Vista. Then again I am due to overhaul my PC this year sometime, so I guess I got started on upgrades a bit early :)
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