New video card on the way...Need advice

hi guys just bought a 7900gs for 95 usd/120 aud not sure how much of a good buy it was but it was an impulse thing i bought off ebay lol im thinking now i shouldve just gone down to my local computer store and picked a brand new one up for $209 aud at msy but anyway

Now ive upgraded my gpu from a cut down 6800gs(which only had 128 bit memory bus for some weird reason) i just had some questions for you guys on what should be my next upgrade. Currently im running on a

asrock dual sata 2
1gb single channel(kingston & samsung) ddr400
athlon 64 3800+(single core)
Antec NeoHE 430W (which has 32a on the 12v rail)

so i was just wondering where should i be looking at upgrading next to get the best performance gains(other than the video card) for gaming?im guessing its gonna be chuck out the old single channel ram and upgrade that.

But any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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  1. ne1?
  2. Next see if you can find a cheap dual core S939 upgrade, not sure what they're like in AUS didn't take note when I was there.

    After that, then you should be OK, until you then finally jump to the next next CPU, and next GPU.

    That's my suggestion, a cheap dual core S939 solution with a slight OC would be good for future games.

    But really try out the new card first and see what you think before worrying about what's next.
  3. its costs about 200 aud/170 usd for a new 4200x2 or about 250 aud for opteron 165/170 on ebayi dont think it would give me a significant boost though would it?i mean how much of a boost gaming wise would it give me to go from a 3800 single core(2.4ghz effective) tosay a 4200 x2?if its only say a 10% boost then i dont think its really worth it....
  4. In old games minor difference at best, however in newer and future games they are becoming more and more multi-thread aware.

    Like I said wait and see how it performs in the apps/games you use first before worrying about what's next. But game like Crysis, etc will benefit from the Dual core boost.

    Read reviews on the games you play or will play to see if that's even a considerartion, many games get no boost, but more and more of the new games are spliting their workloads.
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