Full format or quick format for a new drive?

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Are there any benefits in performing a full format rather than a quick format on a brand new hard drive? I normally do a full format.

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  1. i always do a quick format on new and used hdds, never had a problem.
  2. Thanks.

    I suppose I'll continue to do a full or regular format just to make sure my new drives are not defective.
  3. no problem, i guess it's a smart decision just to be on a safe side :)
  4. Yeah, it seems I have the "Touch of Death" when it comes to hard drives.

    Just today I had my 5th HDD failure in 7 years. My 120GB Hitachi drive died after only 2 years. The others were 3 Maxtors, and 1 Seagate.

    Funny enough, the most reliable drive I have is the infamous IBM "Deathstar" 75GXP 60GB HDD which I bought back in 2000. I'm going to replace that drive real soon though, 7 years for a HDD in continual usage is pushing it.
  5. yeah, that's life, sometimes no-name/old hdds last longer than brand new hdds
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