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I'm looking at buying a Panasonic 42" plasma screen to hook up to a desktop with nVidia's latest graphics card. The computer will be primarily for gaming, but must be able to handle basic use for everything else. No one else seems to be hooking plasma screens up to computers for gaming that I can find. Is there any reason why not (other than the cost of the screen?).

I'm concerned I'll hook it all up and find out the resolution doesn't work well, or the screen doesn't keep up with the game in some way.

I appreciate any constructive feedback. I.e., if you had the choice, would you use a high end large CRT or the 42" Plasma?


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  1. There are games out there that support odd resolutions but not many. I guess plasma screens would be good for gaming since most that I have seen at bestbuy looks and performs just like an HDTV set. If I had a choice I'd choose a CRT and save the money for a kick ass system :smile: . Then again since I already have an ok system I would pick the plasma screen, but those things are godly items that I doubt I would be able to afford for quite some time.

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  2. Plasma screens are very good for computers.
    The Problem with a 42 monitor is that the resolution on
    most of them are 800*460 or something. I would go for
    NECs 50 with 1360*760 res.
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