Computer upgrade need help deciding

My current is getting a little old for todays games so I have some money for an upgrade. :D My budget is $370.

I have:
Opteron 144 socket 939 @2.7
1.5gb of memory (3 512mb sticks)
x850 pro AGP
Gigabyte K8nsc-939 motherboard

I think I should upgrade the motherboard to get a pci-e slot and go with a 8800gts 320MB.

I mostly play Call Of Duty2, Stalker, and Fear.

What do you guys think?
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  1. Socket 939 is being phased out. This means that most mobos you can buy are going to be AM2. As a result, your proc won't be compatible and you would need to get a new one. That being said, aside from the GPU your system isn't too bad. You might be better off getting an ATi X1950pro to make your system last a little longer. I might be wrong, but I think I heard that there will be AGP support for DX10 graphics cards which would put more upgrades off for a while. If you want to upgrade your CPU, you can still find several Opterons for 939 and if you're lucky an FX-60 might pop up.
  2. Tough call. In your instance, a new mobo means AM2....which means a new CPU and new RAM. Then a new vid card. You'd have to do a whole upgrade basically.

    You got enough RAM, your CPU is ok, but if you want better gaming, then it's all about the vid card. And since you're AGP, your choices are more limited. I suggest checking this out:

    Save the remaining money and put it toward a new system upgrade.
  3. I was saying buy a new socket 939 mobo with a pci-e slot and then get a pci-e graphics card. I do not want to stick to agp because I rather get something I can actually use in a new system down the road.
  4. Tough call. You'd be purposely buying old tech that has no upgrade. So you'd be sinking money into a black hole.

    That being said, a Socket 939 mobo with a low-end dual core 939 CPU (if you can find these) will run your system quite well. Then you just need a decent PCI-e card.

    There is another option, however: sell your CPU/mobo for whatever you can get. Then buy a Socket 775 ASRock-VSTA mobo. It'll take DDR RAM and also AGP AND PCI-E. Then just get any 775 CPU that suits your budget.

    What this will effectively do is give you an AGP board that could use your current vid card, and will take PCI-e whenever you want to make that upgrade. It will also let you re-use your DDR RAM which is fine. Then you can get a cheap dual core 775 CPU. AND to top it off, it will give you a full upgrade path to Core2Duo in the future if you want ;)

    That's a win-win situation, and a MUCH better use of your money. Don't bother buying 939. Ditch CPU/mobo you got, get the ASRock-VSTA 775 mobo and an 805'll do fine. Then upgrade the vid card. OR, get the ASRock and a Core2Duo 4300 after Apr.22 and that'll kick A$$ and fit into your budget. Use your AGP for a few months, then just pull it and drop in a PCI-e after ATI releases their stuff and prices drop this summer.

    Now THAT's a helluva better option than 939 ;)
  5. Ok, I have listened to a few people and decided to be more future proof with my rig and upgrade the processor and other stuff.

    Here's what I have put together:

    So how are these parts?

    I chose the E4300 but should I go with the E6300 instaid?

    I'll stick to my agp graphics card with this setup and wait it out till the new dx10 cards drop in price. Maybe upgrade to a pci-e one in 3 months after this purchase.

    Any suggestions?
    This comes to $330 so I have a little money left over to get faster memory, processor ect. if suggested.
  6. Your first 2 links are the same :?

    If you go with the ASRock mobo, you don't need to get new RAM. You can still use your 1.5 gigs of DDR. That mobo takes DDR and DDR2. That's the reason for getting that board: it lets you reuse your RAM. It also lets you reuse your AGP but that's not as big a deal I suppose......

    But ASRock mobo, 4300, and A-Data 2 gigs DDR2 is just fine. But I'd reuse your RAM if I were you, and put that into a new PCI-e card if I were you.
  7. That would bump me down to 1gb of ram because the board only has 2 ddr slots. I am running vista so 1gb of ram would be as slow as s*** on vista. So I need to upgrade it or get a different motherboard.

    Oh and thanks, I fixed the links :oops: .
  8. Ah. Well, can't complain about going with 2 gigs DDR2 and a 4300. It's a bit of a shame though that you have to get the ASRock.......would be nice to get a proper 965 mobo but then it won't take your AGP card. Anyone you know have a PCI-e card you can borrow/buy cheap until you can get a new one? That would allow you to get a much better C2D mobo on the cheap....Gigabyte 965P-S3 or a Biostar 965PT....those are great, inexpensive boards. But no AGP though :(
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