How to set up 2 new HDDs

I just ordered 2 new Hdds. The Raptor 150Gb SATA (Apps OS Games) and a Barracuda 7200.10 500Gb SATA (Storage). My new MB is the EVGA 680i. Any help would be appreciated! Peace :twisted:
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  1. What help do you need? Install the OS on one, and put your data on the other.
  2. What would be the best way to set them up? Why not Apps, games, OS on the Raptor... then general storge on the Barracuda? Peace :twisted:
  3. That would be the basic way to set it all up. Bigger apps that you are not worried about all that much performance with i would put on your barracuda but for the rest Raptor.
  4. Yea, OS, games, and apps on the Raptor and porn in the Barracuda. :lol:

    Seriously though, having two hard drives only speeds up performance when you run an app like Photoshop, that needs its own swapfile that runs best when put on a drive other than the one Windows uses for its swapfile. It may actually improve gaming performance to install the game on the barracuda too, since the game data reads won't bump into swapfile usage.
  5. Yea... I think Ill put my Porn on the Raptor for a fast load... no pun intended. lol Peace :twisted:
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