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onboard sound with an asus P5b

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April 13, 2007 2:27:08 AM

hey, i just upgraded my pc, and am using an asus p5b with its onboard sound.

i hooked up my 5.1 system analog to the onboard soundcard, and the test confirms that all the speakers are setup and working properly, but i cant get the center and rear channels to work when the signal isnt in 5.1. im looking for something like a sound wrap type feature, where it remixes a stereo signal to 5.1 so i can hear out of all the speakers.

im using windows XP.


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April 16, 2007 3:02:00 AM

Sorry to tell you but it can only passthrough the signal to spdif. So unless the signal is 5.1 your not gonna get 5.1.
April 16, 2007 3:24:08 AM

Thats not ENTIRELY correct ^^^

Ive also got the P5B-D, with an analogue 5.1 sys, and i also had dramas getting it to work properly.

Try the latest drivers.

At the end of the day my sound is now working 100%, although i had to reinstall and replug things in 100 times :evil: 

Im assuming ur using the 3 plugs? centre, rear, and side/front woteva?

Try uninstall.
Using the windoze sound thingy, select the 5.1 speaker config.

Just keep playing around with it, its a PAIN but it will work.

Also make sure in the asus sound thingy u set it to 'cinema' for EVERYTHING exept music... when u select 'music' setting. Its a pain i know, but music can sound a little odd on the cinema setting... esp the bass... it comes and goes. very odd.

Good Luck