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I am trying to download ubuntu onto a blank CD and I followed the steps from their website and downloaded CDBurner CP Pro but whenever I am trying to open the file from the CD it says Error:5 Description Invalid Procedure call or argument.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Make sure you verify the md5sum or sha1sum of the ISO file ( s ) before burning to CD.

    You can use the tools described @

    This will verify the integrity and authenticity of the files so that you do not burn corrupted ISOs.

    One of the easiest ways to record ISOs under windows is to use ISORecorder

    Here's the Howto:

    GL :-D
  2. Thanks for the help man. The live CD is Great so I am thinking I will dual boot with windows for right now but first I will need to get more HDD space.
  3. How much space have you got?
  4. 4.46 GB left
  5. doh! that's not a lot :-(

    To enjoy Linux you need about 10GB or more.

    Although a minimal / medium desktop install will take about 2-4GB.
  6. yeah its ok. I will be ordering a Hard drive with a socket 939 mobo and 3000+ CPU and that machine will be running Linux.
  7. Excellent choice :-D

    With an AMD64 you have the option to run an x86_64 version.
  8. alrighty thats something I didnt even know about :wink:
  9. x86_64 runs both 64bit and 32bit code with only a few minor headaches.

    It's faster too :-D
  10. sweet!! 8)
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