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On the 28th, at 11:29 PM EST I made a purchase of Skyrim WITH 2 DAY SHIPPING. It was charged at 11:45 PM on the 28th. Then nothing happened until the 29th at 650 PM, when i received and email with a tracking number which didn't work until 909 PM that night when the package was scanned at the New Jersey UPS distributor. All of this is understandable since processing can take 1-2 business days to complete. The package was shipped via ground on from New Jersey To Georgia. So UPS received the package at 909 on the 29th the next morning nothing happened except the estimated date of delivery for the package on newegg was today the 1st and on UPS was tomorrow the 2nd. So i chatted it up with support on newegg twice the first one said that they were sorry there was a delay with the package but would not tell me why or what it was and offered me a messily 3$ for the delay which i could care less about the money its the fact that my 2day shipping is going to take a grand total of 3 days until the package is on my door step. The next CS rep was rude and treated my issue as if it were less because i used the free 2 day shipping program instead of paying for it my self and was overall unhelpful and appeared to just avoid all questions I asked. Then I called ups shipping's CS figuring maybe the delay was on their end. And their customer service rep assured me there was just an error with there website it should be there on the 1st. WRONG, At 11:48 PM on the 30th more than 24 hours after ups received the package it left NJ heading for GA, but there was a 6 hour delay/stop in MD from 330 to 930 this morning. So I called ups this morning and the cs rep said because the package was delivered so late on the 29th it did not get sorted. But she then explained that the sorting team only works at night and that's why my package did not get shipped out until over 26 hours since they received the package. So I asked if the sorters work night and it arrived at night why was the package to late to be sorted when it was received on the 29th? I get no answer from that just worked around until she could hang up. I guess that is logistics for you. I don't think I will be bringing my business to newegg or ups anymore. From complaints I've read newegg shipping has gone down the drain but I was hoping it wasn't so because i see good deals on there all the time and decided to give it a try oh well didnt work out and wont be recommending to a friend.
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  1. Tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Ship date 11/29/2011 00:13:12
    Estimated delivery 12/01/2011
    Destination ATHENS, GA, US
    Service type GROUND
    Weight 0.70 LBS
    Status In Transit
    Date/Time Activity Location Details
    12/01/2011 09:30:00 IN TRANSIT TO FOREST PARK, GA, US
    12/01/2011 09:29:00 DEPARTURE SCAN BALTIMORE, MD, US
    12/01/2011 03:32:00 ARRIVAL SCAN BALTIMORE, MD, US
    11/30/2011 23:48:00 DEPARTURE SCAN EDISON, NJ, US
    11/30/2011 19:56:00 LOCATION SCAN EDISON, NJ, US
    11/29/2011 21:09:00 ORIGIN SCAN EDISON, NJ, US
    11/29/2011 00:13:12 BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED[M]

    here is the email about the tracking which says it's shipping time was at 3:31PM

    UPS Tracking Number:

    (Shipped from Edison, NJ)
    Shipping Time: 11/29/2011 3:31:07 PM
  2. Because they don't work weekends only business days M-F
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