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Hi all,

I have installed Win7 Ult Ed into my latpop but I noticed that when for example i download a number of files, and hover my mouse over it to preview it, it actually does not show the progress of my download in real time, this only happens when i actually click on the thumb nail iteself where I can fully see it. I am running a 32 -bit machine with 4gb ram, can somebody tell me why it does not show things in real time? The same thing happens when I play music in Windows Media Player.

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  1. The Media player actually lost features in the update with 7 i think from some use so far, as for Vista, im not sure. But fairly placed there once and awhile.

    As for Aero, they completely dropped anything of use of perofrmance or cool to say on the idea of performance and cool.

    So , rather you have a decent video card or not, probably doesnt matter much. Would have to change over the OS and how it works, otherwise you are stuck with a heavier application to say of use wihtin ideas of what you are looking for. And many on ideas of featire sets of use for how it is that you could or could not use what you are looking for.

    Otherwise have to wait for updates and patches, and good luck on those.

    Progress bar is also of back and fourht place of use wihtin the OS program to be honest once and awhile. You might acutally be downloading it so fast that it doesnt need to be on. Pretty much on some says, others is anyones guess.

    Otherwise all i can say or think of.
  2. So, there is nothing i can do to make it actually realtime? Because if it doesn't show me realtime, it's a complete wast of resources and functionality. Atleast with Vista, it showed the progress bar a little better, on my vista version anyway. That really sucks, i serisously thought it was realtime!!!
  3. Think they went for the backdrop highlights and the taskbar overall when mouse goes over in highlighting the "tabs" or "apps" hide to say in aero theme and display.

    I thought 7 would hightlight the feature in lack of resources needed, right? But it didnt.

    So like the side thing, and them being closer and highlight up, down, to say for realtime, think you are asking??? , is gone. Right? At least with their revisioned to say reversioned release.

    Instead you get the "flipped" end result. Right?
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