Newbish Question but oh well.

ok so, im getting this --->

MSI K9N Neo-F Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 550 MCP ATX AMD Motherboard

and this --->

Rosewill RP500-2 ATX 2.01 500W Power Supply 115/230 V CSA, CB, TUV, FCC, UL

My biggest concern is that my motherboard says it supports ATX and my PSU says it supports ATX 2.01

is there a difference to these 2? or is my motherboard simply able to support all ATX 1-2 whatever. might be i just dont know what the additional numbers after the ATX mean. any help would be greatly appretiated.

BTW, i'm buying both of these from
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  1. I agree everything should work well, and I even think you chose decent budget parts. Rosewill has several OEMs - ATNG, Solytech, Youngyear and Wintech. The RP500-2 is ATNG so I would not worry, it is the other OEMs that are garbage. There are mainly positive newegg reviews since it's a reliable unit that can handle the load that is expected of it and it does not have a high rate of failure and is cheap. In perspective the Antec Smartpower have many poor reviews because it has a high rate of failure. Well how about I stop ranting and post a review of the RP500-2 and you can draw your own conclusions. I tried to find a bad review of the Rosewill RP series I could not find any :?

    RP500-2 review, jonnyguru"]The GOOD:

    * Super performer, superior, no less, to PSU's costing twice as much.
    * Low cost...gotta love it!
    * Adequate cable length for most cases.

    The BAD:

    * Two SATA connectors? What!?
    * Not fully sleeved...sleeve it and charge $10 more, make the people happy!
    * Fuhjyyu caps. This baby needs to be used in a well ventilated case


    * Lack of active PFC
    * Not the most efficient unit on the market
    * No manual and no real packing materials.
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