Virus/Trojan Problems???

Okay, I need to know if I have a virus/trojan, and if I do, how to get rid of it.

So, right now there has been some problems my PC. The minor thing is that my tool bar now has a new item that says that I have "reduced performance" due to spyware. It suggests I download a spyware tool.

My homepage has also been messed up. Normaly, my homepage is Yahoo. Now, it takes me to this site: I know my homepage is still registered to yahoo, as when I start Internet explorer, it first goes to yahoo, then gets diverted to the link. I never reach yahoo, but I see the link change...

Every time I get to that site( the "new homepage")it comes with a pop-up stating: "warning! W32.Myzor.F@kyf is a virus that infects files with exe. extensions. It attempts to steal passwords and private information from the infected computer."

It(the homepage itslef) then proceeds to give me more "info" on the virus, as well as my computer. Some of the data it says is wrong. For instance, it says I use Mozilla-- I use Internet Explorer.

Anyways, the pop-up also says to "download" officialy approved security software. If I select cancel, it stays on the website. If I click ok it sends me to a website called "malware wipe". LINK:

I have not downloaded anything yet from the site...

This virus seems to only have problem with the homepage. As a test, I made MSN my homepage. In that instance, it is dificult to get to MSN and not Yahoo.

Final, this virus bring in pop-ups every once in a while. These are mostly porn pop ups, but occasionally car adds.

I've used my McAfee scan, no virus were detected.(or p.u.p). I've also went into the Documents and setting and deleted my temp and temp internet files. I also deleted all my cookies. I still have the same problems though...

Help? Advice?
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  1. wakthrough

    I'd use spyblaster and adaware, etc, though. They're programs I've heard of, their suggested spyware remover I've never heard of ever...
  2. hmm, running this xoftspy thing now, seems current. try it out if you like, since it's all there on that page :)
  3. OK, that Xoft Spy program worked. However, it wont let me delete the file without registration, and it wants me to buy Xoft spy for that. I dont want to. XOft Spy didnt say exactly where this trojan is... While most of the things it found -cookies mostly- did have a directory, this Trojan didnt.

    this is what it says:
    software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{202a961f-23ae42h1-9505ffe3c818d717

    What is that?
  4. ya I just got that stupid buy me thing to delete too... i'll do some searchin, in the meantime, see if spyblaster will get rid of it
  5. Where can I get spyblaster?

    By the way, I cant thank you enough for helping me. Maybe its because of the fact that XoftSpy found it, but my homepage problem is gone! Still, I get pop up, and my PC does feel a bit slower. I'm searching for "Emcodec" a name of the file I guess. So far nothing...
  6. not a google user eh...

    Try this
  7. thanks. I'm eating dinner, and I'm having to run back and forth from the PC and the dinner table.

    By the way, would posting my system specs help at all?

    Once I've finished dloading and running spybot I'll post the results.
  8. OK, a dloaded and ran spybot. It found some stuff, and I had them fixed. I would hope the problem is gone. 2 things however, are still off. A, XoftSpy still detects all the problems, including the one that changes the homepage. At the same time, I still have "symbol" on the taskbar that is new...

    By the way, did you have a typo earlier? You said "spyblasster" but this is spy bot. Any differnaces??

    EDIT: I ran Spybot again to be safe. Voila, all the files i had thought were "fixed" ran up again on the scan. I'll try "fixing" them again. I also deleted the back ups Spy Bot made. I'm doing yet another spy bot scan to be safe...

    EDIT2: AAAAAH! SpyBot is simply incapable of deleting stuff! Yet again after I thought I had deleated the bugs, they show up again on the next SpyBot search! Why is it not deleting???

    EDIT3: It seemes like it is half deleting. This time it only found 3 problems instead of 5 like in EDIT2. I'm hoping if I do it enough I'll eventualy delete them all...
  9. yes it was a typo, my bad heheh damn similar names!!

    When I get home and have some more time to go looking for fixes I'll post. Otherwise, continue using adware and spyware tools to try and remove it. Also, if you google "remove W32.Myzor.F@kyf" there are a few diff pages with remedies

  10. I was only able to find the same guide that you linked to...
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