First of series of mods at gfx card

So the summer is comming and temps are starting to rise up, so let the modding begin. This is one of the multiple mods that i will do on the gfx
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  1. That my man is quite hideous.
  2. been there, done that, geforce4 mx440 128mb ram, agp 8x, volt modded, just diggin the photo out now...

  3. [edited]

    ....your kidding right? ... why not... attach a difff heatsink to it? and how would you attach that fan to it? i dnt see mounting points 8O
  4. The fan is taken from my old thermaltake volacano 7+ cpu cooler. That fan can spin up to 6200rpms. For now the fan is glued with doubleface and its just for testing purposes to see how much diff it makes. The next step is to put an old p4 cooler and attach this fan on to it. As i don`t have the time right now, this will do. It will accualy drop the temps from 48 idle and around 58 full load to 40 idle and 48 full load.
  5. uh... those cpu coolers are like.. 400g +

    breaking a board much?
  6. well actually, the amd boxed cooler than i stuck on it had been positioned so i put no eight on the card at all, it would sit flush against the pci slots and the case would support it (i have all my cases horizontal with the side panel off, best for cooling, plus, don't have to worry about heavy cpu coolers and stuff)
  7. nice :o
  8. i am actually going to cut the heatsink so i can reduce the weight. I only need a "thin" layer of heatsink to cover the gpu as the fan will do all the work.
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