Plz help me with back up windows 7 premium

i was dong the backup i used up 14 cds and all of a sudden there was an error i tried to resume backup but it starts backup from begining how can i resume from where i left off and it says it has never had a backup plz help i dont know what to do thank you for your time
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  1. i would try to back it up to another hard drive--either internal or external as you are going to be relying on a huge amount of cds if you ever need to restore it--one scratch on any of them could make it unusable

    also would be much faster than writing all that to cds youve done about 10gb and may have a load more left to do--dont think you can resume it anyway
  2. Ok, you are left with that of what discs arent in use for backing up, since it probably stopped backing up with some discs, so of it would be to replace the info against what was backed up and then trying to copy or backup the remaining info from the lost of the stopped backup.

    Otherwise in some ideas you are stuck kinda lucking for the info you need to run the info, and if any info is traced to just the last parts of backup, then you are kinda lost with a "matching" of discs copied/backed up.

    Have to know what you lost in the "stalled" backup.
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