My build pc is acting weird, need help is it unstable?

Hi, i did build my pc long time ago, (about 8 or 9 months ago, shortly after the core 2 dou's were released), and now all of a sudden a week or so i have begun to get weird things to happen, first off, i noticed that when I do turn the pc on(sometimes it happens sometimes it does not) the windows loads but not all the way(if i can say that) that is parts of the tray icons load up, and then notheing alse, and i cant click on the start menue, so basically the pc freesez at a certain pont in loading windows

second off, when i exit my internet browser (which is the msn one, and now it happens all the time lately) I see that it closed and the icon in the tray bar vanishes, but in the task manager msn.exe is still running, and i cant exit the messenger till i manually terminate the msn.exe

thirdly I had trillian installed which now also just stoped working, i reinstalled it but its the same result, as soon as i click on it it shows that litle icon in the tra, but the trillian.exe (when checkied in the task manager) just closes on itselfe about 1 or 2 seconds after i click on the icon to run it

another weird thing is that I noticed that a game :Medieval 2 just begun to run very very slugishly on me, everytime i run it, this happened overnight(i played the game in the ev ening, and next day in the morning i was unable to play it, because of the lagg), even the main menue, and the intro movies are choppy as heck, the weir thing is i can play other games such as titan quest, bf2 flatout 2 demo , and such without anny issues, or lagg, i just fdont get it

I think all these problems are related with one another, since it seems they all sstarted relatively in the same time(the booting issue actually came up first about a week before the medeival problem, after which i noticed the trillian, and later (couple days) the msn issue

I defragmented all drives, run norton's disk doctor, as well as nortons windoctor, the disk doc didnt find any errors, and i fixed many with windoc, but all issues still persist I have never seen such a thing happen

What might be the issue? the ram, the hd? the motherboard? Is the system becoming unstable?

Thank You for any thoughts on the issue, much obliged
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  1. I'd run AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy, both free, in Safe Mode under the Administrator Log In. If they don't find any malware, I'd run Windows Repair off the CD and if that doesn't work do a clean installation before I'd start looking at possible hardware problems It really sounds like a Windows problem rather than a hardware problem
  2. Quote:
    ... the disk doc didnt find any errors, and i fixed many with windoc, ...

    Sounds like you may have data corruption on your hard disk. If your files (including Windows) are slowly getting corrupted over time, that could explain the problem. Of course, I'm assuming you are running anti-virus software, etc.

    Make sure all internal cooling fans are functioning correctly inside your computer and clean out any dust that has accumulated there. Make sure your system, CPU, etc temps are not running too high.
    To check the hard disk function, go to the website of your hard drive manufacturer and download their free hard disk testing software. There will be directions there on how to use it.
    Also, download and run memtest86+ and run that through at least a couple of complete cycles, to run an initial test on your RAM.
    Run Orthos under Windows in blend mode to stress test your CPU/RAM.
  3. thx for the replys, I did use xsoft spy, as well as norton antivirus and found no malware/viruses(i dont download anything, and usually just check my mail and thats about time for anything else :()

    i wanted to run memtest, how long does a full cycle take?

    in regards to windoc they were mostly just leftovers of shortcuts after old deleted files, and uninstalled apps, so there was nothing really important, i ususally try to check the disk atleast once a month, just to keep it "clean"

    I also clean the intake fan s for dust and other particles about every week so i always have the inside very clean, and having the tt xaser case i have 7 fans in it(80mm) which keep the hardware relatively cool, I also monitor the tempperatures(cpu, and gpu), and they all seem to be normal.

    actually i noticed that after i did defragment the drives that initial windows loading issue far i havent encountered it, but the rest of teh problems still persist, the trillian is the weardest one, it is just weird that wherever i install it it just terminates itselfe on teh spot after i run it....i ll check the memtest just in case, just wanted to know how much time does it take for a full cycle?

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