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New here, Hi.
So here we go...I had to reinstall Xp home when I switched MB from Asus P5A to Asus A7v133 Via.
During install (upgrade version) I found that numerous files from i386 cab could not be copied from disc.
Also, an icon appeared on menu bar telling me the version on my pc is no longer up to date. :roll:
Windows is running fine with the exception of Control Panel being forced to close occasionally in classic mode after it appears (a second try works-however, in category mode it closes every time automatically) but when I went to install Fax or IE links to desktop this last night, AGAIN some of the files from i386 could not be copied.
What's going on here?

Another question is: why can't I dl SP2 from MS? There are no links for that pack as there used to be.
Finally, I get updates ( not SP2), but one of them reappears over and over and over ad nauseum.
It is KB835732 Security update.
I checked add/remove and only one copy of this file is listed.
Are there multiple revisions of this file and they are being dl in chronological order?

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  1. Maybe I should mention that this PC is homebrew and when I assembled it years ago had no clue of how to use one.
    512 MB memory (256 kingston); Matrox millenium g200 agp (updated through MS); Athlon 750 cpu and Maxtor 8.4 gb boot drive with Maxtor 80gb storage.
    I have a PCI Ultra 133 card that I'm going to use for the Seagate 250gb drive that is on it's way from vendor.
  2. I hate to tell you this but Mircosoft is going (or trying) to screw you over by having you buy another copy of Windows XP. SP1 support ends Oct 10.
    SP2 can be downloaded here at Microsofts own website.
  3. Well, no they haven't.
    I resolved to reinstall XP bc I receive my new Seagate and when rebooting with their setup cd, my pc froze at their setup window.
    After many hours of frustration I'm up and running.

    All files were copied as they should be and Update worked as it should.
    So all hotfixes, security updates and SP's were available including some
    hardware upgrades for my agp card and monitor.

    Thanks for the heads-up though.
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