Which SATA II Hard Disk Brand would you recommend

Which Hard Disk is the best brand for 320 GB, SATA II, 7200 RPM, 16MB?

a) Hitachi

b) Maxtor

c) Seagate

d) Western Digital

e) Other - Please specify brand

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  1. It will ultimately depend on the model drive you choose, however as an overall answer, I would say that western digital makes high quality fast drives at a good price, I use mostly all western digital drives for the computers i build using SATA and SATAII. I also have had good experiences with seagate with their server drives, I am not sure if the quality of those drives also carry over to their desktop line. Are you looking for a high performance drive (10K RPM) or a standard desktop drive?
  2. The seagate with PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) are extremely good and have a longer warranty of 5 years versus the standard 3 years.
  3. Western Digital is, by far, the best choice.

    In my experience, WD drives last forever with reasonable care. I have several WD drives in older computers, some of which are 10 years old, and they continue to run flawlessly. In the event that a drive does fail (couple of office machines over the years), WD has a no hassles RMA policy provided, of course, that the drive is still under warranty.

    The 3-platter 500GB Caviar SE16 is currently the fastest 500GB drive on the market, and it's priced under $150 from New Egg.
  4. seagate
  5. I pick D i have always gotten Western Digital drives and the first drives i bought from them still work great.
    Only had one fail on me but it was dropped in the past so that prob contributed to its failure but still lasted a long time.
  6. i've actually suspected if wd product varies from country to country. years ago my wd died exactly end of the 1 year and seller want extra money for new one but i did not give anything. many years later i did same mistake and bought wd again and never work so i sent it back.i'd same problem with samsung two hdd.they stopped 1 year later.i don't know maybe just my luck...

    i used quantum,maxtor hdd's then later and now seagate hdd's.until now i don't have any trouble with seagate.
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