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Right now i have a WD SATA 200 gig drive in my computer, i just ordered all my parts for my new build yesterday. My question is can i install my new drive in my new system and after its all set up and going, can i plug my old drive in a move files over? Or will i have an access issue. Most of the files i want to move over are in my current My Doc's folder.

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  1. Shoulnd't be a problem.

    One way to avoid possible headaches is to go ahead and archive the files to CD's or DVD's. That way you can go ahead and format the old drive to get rid of all the old stuff and just put your saved files back on it.
  2. Thanks for the help, the main thing i want off the old drive is my music collection which is about 100 gigs. So backing up to dvd would take forever.
  3. Yea ... 100g worth of files might take a few DVD's :lol:.

    As has been pointed out in several other threads, it works much better if you totally remove your old drive, set up the new drive with OS, updates, etc., and then reintroduce the old drive. If you want, you could set up a partition on the new drive to copy your audio files and then format the old drive to clean it up. After that, you can transfer things back to the clean drive and use it for data only (or whatever else you want).
  4. just put the old drive into an external enclosure and keep if for storage, you can get to your music any time you need it then. If you tend to leave external drives on all the time make sure you get one with an internal fan.
  5. So i should be able to plug the old drive back in and have access to my old folders? There wont be and weird errors that wont let me just cut and paste?
  6. I like Blunc's idea... But any way you do it, you should be OK.... Don't worry so much!
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