Replacing Big Boy 200 mm fan in Antec 900 case???

I originally built my pc about a month ago in an Antec 900 case. Last weekend a buddy & I rebuilt it to add some north bridge coolers.... well.... when we were almost done, we turned it on to see it it would POST.

It POSTed just fine, then he put his hand in my case the adjust a wire & accidentally stuck his finger in my 200 mm fan at the top of the case & shattered a blade. Ouch... 8O It would work afterwards, but the whole case vibrated like crazy... so we intentionally broke a blade off on the otherside to try to balance it. It actually helped a lot, but it still vibrates.

So, I ordered a new fan & it's sitting at home waiting to go in. (they're $30+shipping in case anyones interested). Has anyone replaced one of these before? Is it a pain in the butt or fairly easy? Anything in particular I should know before I get into it?


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  1. its a pain in the axx. just watercool it!!
  2. Yeah... that's helpful... :?

    Send me $300 for WC & I'm down like Charlie Brown...

    My cooling is great already, I just need to fix my fan... I run 22 C idle, 44 C load. Not too shabby for air cooling.

    I've got 2 x 120 mm fans blowing in at the front, 1 x 120 mm blowing in at the side, the big boy 200 mm blowing out at the top & a 120 mm blowing out at the back. Also have a Zalman 9700 CPU cooler that I really like.

    So.... has anyone who has anything helpful to say ever replaced/installed one of these in an Antec 900 case? :D
  3. hi
    ya i know it wasn't helpful, sry.
    i have a antec P180 case myself, and its a tight fit with my 1k watt psu. and 6 hard drives. i ended up just using a test stand with everything out in the open. but then my only fans are my exos and 1 12cm thermaltake blowing on voltage regulators and its all very quiet. i have about $1k tied up in the water cooling setup.
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