Cloning to raid 0 ?

This is a weird question but here it goes.

I just recieved my second 150gb raptor and i'm ready to raid o. I already cloned the original raptor to a spare hd.

How do I setup the raid so I can clone back to the array ?

i know that you have to set the raid with the xp disk and a floppy for the raid drivers, but I want to clone my 3rd hd to the array.

Please help..
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  1. Use norton ghost to create an image of your third hard drive, and then use ghost to copy it to the RAID0 array you have setup. Ghost is an excellent program and it saves a lot of time and effort.
  2. how can I clone to the array if I haven't install windows in the new disks ? I mean do I do the F6 thing with the XP disc, install the raid drivers and cancelled the windows installation ?
  3. Most cloning software (Acronis Drive Image, Ghost, etc.) allow you to create a boot disc that allows you create or restore an image outside of windows. I personally use DriveImage XML along with BartPE since it's free.

    The real trick, as you've pointed out, is getting the drivers installed on the image so that when you try to boot, the RAID hardware works. I've never imaged to a RAID from a non-RAID disk, but I believe you should set up the RAID controller drivers in Windows prior to making your image, otherwise you'll get a BSOD when you try to boot. Can anyone verify this?
  4. You cannot perform this procedure using simple cloning to a 3rd drive then attempting to clone back. As rwpritchett stated, your Windows installation will blue screen on bootup from the RAID 0 array with a STOP 0x0000007B error because your existing Windows installation does not have the drivers for the RAID controller installed.

    You need to follow the procedure in the FAQ at the top of the forum "Switching Storage Controllers Without Reinstalling Windows".
  5. I realize this is a very old thread, but I'm trying to do something similar and ran across this thread whilst searching for info.
    What I have is a Raid 0 array that I just installed Windows XP on, and I want to put the image on a non Raid hdd, then when this one starts running poorly, reformat the Raid and reinstall the backed up image back from the single disk to the Raid array. It sounds simple enough, but will it really work that easily?
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