Partition my NTFS drive for Vista RC1?

I want to install Vista RC1 as a dual boot with my Windows XP.

What is the best way to do this and what software do I need (free would be nice) to create a new partition on my drive?

I have a 160GB drive with lots of free room...................was thinking about using 30GB for the new partition?

Thanks for any help.............

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  1. The best way to do this is to install XP first onto one partition then install Vista over it on another partition.
  2. hi.
    i do not thin that there are many free programs that can partition your hdd.
    u can use partion magic to make a new partition of you drive.
    and then installl rc1.
  3. have xp on C, vista on whatever other partition you want, just not on the same partition, would be even better if you put vista on a seperate drive all together

    but u don't really need an app. do it, windows setup does a fine job of dual booting and automatically modifies your boot.ini file to switch between the two OS upon startup
  4. As the other posts have already stated, you should install XP first. If already have XP and just want to add Vista, you will have to use a third party partitioning software. Partition Magic does a good job.

    If you are starting with a fresh installation of both, you may use the Window XP setup to partition your drive. Simply delete all partitions by hitting 'D' at the setup screen. You will have to confirm you want to do this by hitting 'L'. Then hit 'C' to create a new partition that is smaller than 160GB (however big you want the XP partition to be). Then install XP onto that partition. When you install Vista, create another partition by a similar process and use the remaining unpartitioned space. Install Vista on this new partition.
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